To Wed a Wild Lord (Hellions of Halstead Hall #4) - Sabrina Jeffries
I might have liked Gabe if Virginia hadn't been there.

To me the heroine was unlikeable and boring, a mishmash of other boring heroines with just a dash of self-righteousness in order to give her a reason to interact with our hero. She's mouthy (and not in a good way), stubborn, wilfully ignorant and a snot. I don't really care what her reason for being a jerk to Gabe and his family was I couldn't get past her attitude.

Gabe could've been so much more exciting but instead he's saddled with the baggage of Virginia Waverly and good lord it was enough to make me bang my head against a wall. I couldn't even get into the love scenes because I didn't care about her.

Anyway, there is still a thin mystery plot going on in the background and things may just get interesting.

The story ends like it should, with a happy ever after/crisis averted scenario and it was so bland and boring that I probably should've put it down and went back to Miranda or Jarret's book.

I've always liked Pinter and I've always known who he was meant for so the romance and the plot will be better in the next one.