Romancing Mister Bridgerton - Julia Quinn
Oh what a good installment in the Bridgerton's series.

Here you have Penelope who throughout the books has been quiet, mousy and not someone I even mustered up excitement for to read. Then Colin, who is my favorite Bridgerton (who is actually losing that spot to Hyacinth) is even better in this book.

Two people who didn't follow the same tired cliche's in this story about falling in love with your best friend's brother.

The dialogue was perhaps my absolute favorite of this whole book and it's pretty up there in terms of historical fictions that I've read before.

Brava Ms. Quinn, you made me smile and giggle and I was surprised and happy with how it all turned out. It felt very real. Both parties realized that they were acting in weird ways (one instance in which Colin and Penelope argue, but both aren't wrong really and Colin says that he knows he doesn't have anything to apologize for but that he should because somehow that word will make some of the tension disappear. Luckily for us, Penelope feels the same way thus saving the readers from a decidedly milquetoast characteristic of the hero).

Also, as a writer myself, I understood the jealousies and the frustrations and the fear of rejection....that was a bonus to the story, making it shine just a bit brighter for me.