Tiny Titans, Vol. 1: Welcome to the Treehouse - Art Baltazar, Franco

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I enjoyed the CN show Teen Titans Go! and as a kid I (own this) read the edition of the Teen Titans were Raven went batshit crazy because she was evil and ruined the wedding of Starfire and Robin.


Needless to say, I love Raven and the rest of the team.


This was the cutest graphic novel I've ever read. I will admit that I had to break out Wikipedia in order to remember certain things and it helped.


If you're a hardcore DC fan (which I'm not, I'm a Marvel gal) then you probably won't need it (you'll also get the inside jokes that I had to read about) but if you aren't. Read by your computer.


The format of shorts reminded me of Archie comic books (did I just date myself a bit?) and the bright inks and childish pencils were reminiscent of the Power Puff Girls. This is a good thing. It hit all the right notes.


Just adorable and a great light graphic novel.