Reserved: A Love Story - Tracy Ewens
This was a cute, heart-warming and fun contemporary romance that is a perfect beach read.

Mackenna is a strange molten lava cake mix of type A and harried/frazzled but it works for her. Except toward the end when she lets her neuroses get the better of her and nearly sabotages something that would bring her happiness. It took a bit to warm up to her and I think it changed for me the first time I saw her with her daughter and realized that most of what she puts on as a front, is exactly that, a front.

Now Travis is a delicious jambalaya complete with sexiness, flirtatiousness, humor, understanding, patience, ability and Daddy Issues.

Yep. Daddy Issues.

I like that's there's a flip here because it's usually females that have daddy issues but nope, not here. Travis' issues with his family threaten to not only upend his sanity but also gives him such a serious case of anxiety that it almost stops something before it truly starts.

 and despite how mad I would have been at Travis for skipping the FieldDay when he explained it, I understood. The fact that he recognized that he messed up, he apologized (FIRST) to Paige and then to Kenna is actually saying more about his personality that Kenna gave him credit for. Like he mentions, it's about putting in the work which is what he was trying to do and Kenna, now locked in her own neuroses pulls away instead of trying to make it work.
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I wasn't sure how this story was gonna go and there were times where I wasn't sure what pace the plot wanted to move at but, in the end, it was great to revisit The Yard, the Rye family, and even Grady & Kate (albeit briefly).

Pick this one up if you can.

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