Dancing with the Devil - Keri Arthur
There are several problems with this book that good editors could fix. Repetition, telling more than showing, typos and unnecessary fragment sentences are some of the technical problems.

This reads like an early work of Arthur's, perhaps something that was written for a class, but despite all of that there was something intriguing about this story.

It reminded me a bit of Blood Ties and it also had the same issue with anemic back stories.

However, where it could've turned to cheese it relied on action. This book was constant action. There was some rather suspect dialogue but the action and the heart of the characters made up for it.

There were moments where Nikki became too indecisive and whiny and some moments where Michael took the "brooding" and "mysterious" vampire act too far but still, you cared about these characters enough to want to know what else was going to happen.

So while a rewrite may make this book a lot better, this is a rough and rare gem with a hell of a lot of potential.