How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf - Molly Harper

I want to state that I love Harper's writing. I think, should I ever get published and someone says "hey, what authors would you like to be compared to?" I'd say Molly Harper.

Between her tone (conversational but not annoying), her dialogue (hilarious) and her writing skills (not too much exposition but still able to get the point across), Molly Harper's books are always fun to read.

However, there was a small bit of a problem with this book for me. It was a case of insta-love that wasn't properly formed.

You had Mo, a formerly raised Hippie who became more mainstream than her parents are comfortable with, coming to the middle of nowhere Grundy, Alaska. She is trying to figure herself out and things go a bit easy for her. She finds a job she loves, friends that accept her despite her "outsider" status and the flock of men falling all over her (which I can believe because Alaska is woefully unpopulated by available women). She is actually a character that, despite the initial description, doesn't come off as annoying. She's rather confident if a little dented and realistic without being close minded.

Then you have Cooper, a grumpy, reticent and slightly dickish hot hot male. He treats Mo like crap, takes an attitude with almost everyone and yet he's nearly ubiquitous.

Of course there's more than meets the eye.

They don't get along. Their conversations are full of UST and it's awesome.

But then they get together They slept together once, Cooper basically falls in love with her and she doesn't resist and all is happy happy until real life intrudes.

I wish there had been more of a slow buildup between Cooper and Mo that would've made the resulting ending more sweet. Also, another thing that bugged me after the big "to-do" of buying a 100 pack of condoms, she and Coop use maybe one and then she gets pregnant. headdesk photo: Head Desk HeadDesk_zps84020a52.gif WHAT!???

And Alan came off as creepy sometimes, I'm sorry. I get that he was supposed to be Cooper's foil but it came off weird.

I did like meeting Coop's pack but really wished that Maggie had been less bitchy. I say this because while I get where she was coming from, she came off like a little brat and if she's supposed to be the main character of the next book, it's going to take a lot of redemption to make her likeable.