Pick Your Poison - Leann Sweeney
3.55 - 3.62

The main character is a different sort than the rest of the ones out there in the cozy world. She's rich, computer smart (although I would like to see more of this), adopted and smart enough to know when to hide.

Yes, she suffers from going into places she shouldn't without proper backup but she handles herself quite well and very rarely needs that much help. Her skill of having little shame to get what she wants helps.

It's a fast, easy read with a mystery that you shouldn't be able to solve right away (the whodunnit part. that was the only part I couldn't quite put my finger on).

As Abby Rose grows as a character and a woman, this series should get a lot more interesting.

Jeff Kline, the detective is pretty bland but something tells me there's more to him than meets the eye. Like, why does he chew all that damn gum?