Affairs of Steak - Julie Hyzy
Exciting and tense addition to the series.

The relationship between Ollie and Gav had me on tenterhooks and when Gav finally decided that he was going to go for it I was happy. Gav made me see that Tom is a bit of an asshole and I'm surprised that Ollie hasn't gone off on him.

Speaking of 'going of', Ollie putting Virgil in his place almost had me clapping my hands. If there is a way to get rid of that character that would be great. Maybe frame Ollie and have her use her skills to get her out of the frying pan?

The mystery itself was good, the plot was well paced and the side characters were intriguing if not as involved as previous books. We do get to see a side of Peter Sargent that we otherwise wouldn't have. I still don't like him though. So thankfully we weren't treated to an about face moment.

Ollie needs some self-defense classes. I say that about all characters that find themselves in the thick of a mystery and this is no exception.

I hope we haven't seen the last of Paul and if we're stuck with Doug at least make him a little more likeable.

This review is barely coherent because I'm so tired but the point I'm trying to make is, that it's very good. Ollie shows some backbone, Peter shows some weakness, Gav takes a leap and Virgil is still an ass. I only hope we see more of Bucky and Cyan in the next book.