Queen of Shadows - Dianne Sylvan

Let's just say that this book was extremely well written. The author had me under her spell after the first line of the book.

Trust me when I say that this is a well structured, well thought out, well developed book. It's not a completely different take on the vampire myth but it is a different take on a PNR. Miranda's journey from being a timid nutter into being a woman with self-worth was amazing in and of itself. She was brutalized and then rebuilt and Sylvan makes the reader feel everything. I'm wondering if Sylvan has a bit of emapthy herself.

Then you have David, a vampire with his own powers and responsibilities and who, at the core, is still a man who loves deeply but fears the loss of control. He's brilliant, Alpha (without making me groan and without diminishing Miranda) and if he was real he would be a force to reckon with but the most loyal friend you could have.

The two of them complement each other. That's rare in PNR or Romance in general. It isn't very often that you see a couple that takes and gives strength in equal measure. Usually the Alpha male (while incredibly hot and loving) is way too protective and dismissive. Not in this case, David listens to Miranda, sees Miranda and boosts her when she needs it and never takes without asking (thus far). Miranda does the same for him. It's great to see and excellently done.

We see the relationship from jump and it isn't hard to believe that while fate has a hand in it, these two would've been heading in that direction anyway.

The story itself is also interesting and good lord I loved the ending. Justice was served. There are some truly bad people in this book and betrayals are nestled within. Just when you think you're safe....

I loved Faith as well. Again, it's not often that you see a warrior who is also human enough. She is tough as nails, ruthless and capable but she also cares . She is friends with her boss (David) and she becomes friends with Miranda. She's like a meddling older sister!

The drawback? The multiple POV switches. They were handled very well but just David and Miranda's POV would've been fine. I know it's told in the third person, so you can get away with it, but I could've done without it.

All in all, the writing was amazingly captivating and done well enough that even though I knew where some of this stuff was headed, Sylvan kept me on my toes enough for me to still be a bit surprised about how it all happened.

I'm looking forward to seeing Miranda and David kick ass and make sweet sweet lurve in the next one.