Scandalous Desires - Elizabeth Hoyt

I've been waiting forever for this installment and it didn't disappoint. Erotic yet sensual and with three dimensional characters to boot!!!

I will say this, I knew who the Ghost of St. Giles was so it was great to be rewarded with being correct. I can't wait for the next one either.

Anyway, Mick is a messed up but awesome character. Silence is not nearly as annoying as Temperance (the heroine from the first book) and she is straight up bad-ass. I don't mean that she takes a sword and guts people but she is strong, stronger than Mick it would seem.

The sex scenes - yum.
The actual villain - a bad man who I wish had gotten his comeuppance in a way that had allowed the readers to watch
The hero - hot as ... just, I have a crush (another) on a fictional character
The heroine - perfect
The subplot - interesting. It introduces us to the heroine in the next book.

So all in all a heck of a good read and the best installment in the series so far.

Why not a five? I didn't like that fact that Mick has to change his identity. I understand that he has to run from the law but I hate that we didn't get a glimpse into the trial and sentence and it was sucky that things didn't work out in such a way that Silence couldn't keep her new name.