Shadow Walker - Allyson James
more of a 3.7/3.8

What I like about this book is that there isn't a love triangle for me to have worry about. I like that Janet and Mick are a firmly established couple and they have each others backs. However, I would still like a little more of a relationship aspect of them without the constant shagging. This book provided me with a bit more of that, so I'm happy about that.

What I'm not so happy about it is the large rambling plot threads that didn't really make much sense until the final part of the book and still, it was still a "Huh? Wtf?" moment.

Why couldn't Janet have figured out the Mick situation sooner? Why didn't she press her grandmother for more info? Why didn't she just give Gabrielle a really good slap in the face?

I don't have these answers.

Despite it's weight and baggage, this book is still one of the better books I've read this year in this genre. This series is still very good and I care very much about what happens next. Especially with the little cliffhanger at the end.