Warrior - Zoe Archer
3.5 - 3.6

OK. So my problem with this book was that the hero was so much more interesting than the heroine and I couldn't figure out why he would like such a curmudgeon. Not to mention that the setting, and subsequent behavior, reminded me of Sherry Thomas' "Not Quite a Husband" and Lauren Willig's The Temptation of the Night Jasmine; just not as well written. There was very little original about this book and not to mention that there's "magic", which with Thalia trying to explain things made it sound like she was reading from an early Wikipedia instead of knowing these things by heart.

There were some good points, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't have enjoyed it if there hadn't been good points but most of these points come from Gabriel and his "wearing down" of Thalia. When they are together and content, magic happens. Thalia by herself. Well, I just don't give a damn my dear.

Is this the best historical cum paranormal romance I've ever read? No. Not at all. But is there something about it that binds it all together and makes it likeable? Yea. It's sort of like that weird thing at the bottom of your bag that intrigues you enough to want to know more and yet, despite the stickiness and the smell, you come to find that you don't remember why you don't like it, so you just might buy it again.