Kitty's Big Trouble (Kitty Norville #9) - Carrie Vaughn
Teetering between a 3.7 and a 3.9

This book had a lot more action in it than the previous ones but it has less to do with Weres and more to do with the Long Game. Kitty travels to SF to help out her "friend" Anastasia recover an artifact that Roman is also looking for.

Mayhem ensues, Gods are met, alliances are formed and Ben loses his shit and shirt a few times.

This is really a bridge book, meaning something BIG is going to be happening soon and this is the first step into a new plot arc, or rather a step in the direction of the plot that has been building up since three books ago.

Either way, this installment was fast paced and full of Kitty's trademark curiosity and blundering.

My one nit-pick; I know that Ben and Kitty are Weres but why are they such poor fighters? I know it's about instinct but I think they can stand to learn a few techniques. They are new Alphas so I understand that they are not quite "with it", but if Ben is going to keep losing his shit, then please for the love of God allow the man to know how to fight as a wolf.