American Vampire - J.R. Rain
The writing gets increasingly better but again, the length hurts the story. I also didn't like who Fang ended up being and I was disappointed that more time wasn't spent on her family, especially given the circumstances.

Also, there is a lot of judgement passed on woman in these books. Sam is always using perjorative terms like "slut" or "whore". I mean, I understand why she might've used those terms toward the homewrecker but to pass judgement on everyone is sort of annoying.

The boy-crazy attitude she has is starting to grate on me as well. If she is attracted to every male she meets than she needs to stop complaining about not having had sex for six years and jump on the pony.

I find some of her responses improbable and not as nuanced as it should be but she is still a kick-ass take no prisoners lady. The fight at the of the book had me both grossed out but also happy. The bad guy got what was coming to him by her hands.

So, the same complaints - the characters could be more developed, the plot could be less rushed and then bad guys/good guys could be less two-dimensional.

Oh, and another thing The fact that Sam has had six years to deal with her condition should also stop her from calling herself a ghoul or a monster and then wondering what God thinks. There was no basis for her to start wondering about that stuff because it was never established that she was religious. I'm not sure what the author is trying to make the reader believe about Sam. I need more backstory and development and like I said with my first review of the first book, if this is ever re-written for a mainstream audience, I would definitely buy it

There is very little romance in here so it's more of an Urban/Paranormal Fantasy and I gotta say I wish there was some more kissing and stuff. The description of the men doesn't help. Kingsley keeps getting bigger and bigger in each book and he is starting to remind me of a cross between the Juggernaut and Beast from the X-Men, while Fang is reminding me of a hairy very creepy Cyclops. I don't particuarly get a good image of either guy.

All in all, the execution could've been better and the story a little less jumbled. It won't stop me from finishing the series though.