Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh
A big improvement with the relationship of Elena and Raphael. He's softened, a smidge, and she's got a tiny bit of leverage but most of all they love each other and are willing to try and make things work.

Lijuan, the oldest archangel has pretty much lost her mind and there's also somone gunning for a Cadre position. On top of that Elena's memories are returning.

The most interesting thing was Elena's memories, both sad and brutal, it was good to know where she was coming from and that Raphael has her back.

My only issue is that while there were two plots, both paled when compared to Elena. I know that this series is character driven and not plot driven ( of which I do not mind) but Lijuan's "surprise" ended too quick and may have been better if brought earlier so that it made sense in the grander scheme if things.

As for the "not so random" killings, I would have appreciated the reveal if there had been something pointing to the culprit.

I enjoyed this though, a 4.2, and am looking forward to the next one.